Toronto Limousine Rental

Toronto Limousine Rental, provides you with 24 hour luxurious, reliable, convenient and affordable limo services that will make your special occasion, corporate event, or even a simple trip to the airport extra ordinary.

Toronto limousine lets you choose from the largest selection of current model limousines in various varieties such as stretch, SUVs, Hummer limousines, luxury vehicles, executive town cars and others.

Our fleet is immaculate, well maintained and includes complementary beverages and cocktails upon request. In fact, we can add whatever you need for your trip, just ask us!

We understands our clients rely on us not only to get them to their destinations in Toronto, but to do it stress free, in style  and add the extra touches to make their limousine trip, an experience to remember.

For example, enjoy a ride to your next special event in the comfort of a stretch limousine with seating  for 10 passengers,  that includes flat screen TVs, a surround sound system, fiber optic and strobe lighting,  a bar with built in ice chests and static laser lights.

Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, prom, celebration, a special night out or any special event, Toronto Limousine in Toronto will provide you with the highest level of customer service from booking, to the day of your trip at pick up and drop off. 

Our limousine chauffeurs are trained hospitality professional s who will ensure you get to your destination on time, in personalized luxury and hassle free, no matter the size of your group.

Corporate customers can rely on Toronto Limousine for all their Corporate limousine travel needs.

Whether you need a limousine for the airport, or for travel within the Toronto area, we are available 24/7, and can meet the most demanding schedules.

We can also arrange for your limousine travel needs nationally and internationally, anywhere around the globe that you do business. You will get reliable and courteous service to make the right impression every time.

From pick-up to drop-off, we will work with you meet your company’s limousine transportation needs to ensure your business colleagues and clients are taken care of.

For the most reliable, luxurious and customer service oriented limousine service in Toronto, choose Toronto Limousine.

We will help make your special event an experience to remember! Our fleet of modern limousines are well equipped and immaculate, and our professional and courteous chauffeurs are ready to take you to your next destination. 

Choose a limousine to suit your needs and ask us for the personal touches you require.

Our goal is to meet every customer’s limousine travel needs and exceed their expectations. Contact us today!


Limousine Service Toronto

52 Mould Ave York, Ontairo M6N 3Z8

Phone: 647-496-7902

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